Funny man Corden wins over Raider Nation

Top British comedian James Corden has been delighting American audiences in their millions with his performances on CBS “The Late Late Show” but maybe his greatest hit was with 65,000 fans inside the Oakland Coliseum.

Corden accepted the challenge to attempt a field goal at a home game for the legendary Oakland Raiders and seemed determined to enjoy the full Oakland experience, which included joining the Raider Nation for a traditional pre match tail gate party as a part of CBS’s Thursday Night Football Show.

James Corden attempts a field goal at Raiders Game.

James Corden attempts a field goal in front of 65,000 fans at Oakland Coliseum.

But for a time it seemed that Corden’s hard work on the training ground was to end in little more than disappointment as he fluffed his big moment in front of a packed house. However, Corden, star of stage and TV, is nothing if not persuasive as he managed to talk his way into a second kick.

Corden, complete in the black and silver Raiders uniform, was granted another chance – but this time he had to be 10 yards further back. Click on the link here to see if Corden lands his second attempt:

Image by CBS Thursday Night Football  via NFL UK

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