My favourite Efe Obada Quotes


The sensational signing of British defensive end Efe Obada by the Dallas Cowboys has certainly captured the imagination of NFL fans in the United Kingdom over the past 24 hours.

A 22-year-old unknown with just five games of American football under his belt with the London Warriors is heading off to the United States to play for America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s a Rocky Balboa-like story and you can read the full version of my interview with Efe here

Here are a collection of my favourite quotes from my interview with the latest Brit chasing his NFL dream.

On being signed by the Cowboys

“This is a dream. It’s amazing and life-changing. It’s a major turning point in my life and feels like a movie. This could be it – I can change my life. This is unreal – this doesn’t happen to people like me.”

On being homeless on the streets of London

“It was scary and we were lonely. We spent two or three nights sleeping in the foyer of that building and we only had our jackets to keep us warm. It was freezing.”

On finding the London Warriors

“I decided to fix myself up, I found American football, found the London Warriors and they helped me to focus and turn my life around. When I went to the first practice, I was congratulated for hitting somebody and I liked it.”

On being a role model

“I don’t want this to be about me – I’m not self-centred. I would just like my story to be an inspirational one because there are still people I know who are in that position I was once in and who haven’t got the opportunities that I have. I just want them to know that it is possible.”

On his future with the Cowboys

“I just want to make the team. And then I want to get my first Super Bowl ring. I believe I can do it and I’m working hard. This is not something that has just been handed to me. You’ve got to reach for the stars and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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