Super Bowl countdown – Tuesday

Super Bowl week is officially kicking into top gear and BritViewNFL is helping you count down to the big game in Arizona with daily offerings ahead of the New England Patriots-Seattle Seahawks showdown.

This is the first and final offering from the UK as I will be flying to Phoenix on Wednesday to get the lowdown on all the pre-match action from the desert. And that means I will miss the enforced ‘hilarity’ of Super Bowl Media Day, which takes place on Tuesday.

For those of you about to feel sorry for me – and I’m sure there were at least a couple of you out there – don’t bother. Media Day is not one of my favourite Super Bowl events and – as a journalist – I have always found the Thursday and Friday press conference days to be much more fruitful.

Albert Breer, of the NFL Network, came up with the perfect description of Media Day last year when he called it “the playground of the foolish.” That is spot on.

Grown men dressed as Heidi interviewing other grown men dressed as superheroes does what exactly to promote the Super Bowl? There was a time when serious football questions were asked at Media Day, but it has become more of an ‘event’ and it is one I am happy to skip.

I’m sure some headlines will come out of Media Day – at least I hope so – but there will be far more wallying around than reporters digging for genuine stories.

Moan over… here is the rest of my column!

10-second takes…

  • The battle between Rob Gronkowski and the Seahawks secondary and linebackers is going to be fascinating and could decide this contest. I read with interest this week that the Seahawks are “obsessed” with stopping The Gronk and that makes sense. He certainly poses a sizeable threat and how he is dealt with by the likes of Kam Chancellor, K.J. Wright and Bruce Irvin will be key.


  • As much as we all want the game to take centre stage, there will not be a day that goes by where you don’t read the word ‘Deflategate’ this week. And given the level of seriousness with regard to the accusation being levelled at the New England Patriots, that is easy to understand.
  • Russell Wilson is a born winner and I remain absolutely in awe of the way he still felt he was going to win that NFC Championship Game against Green Bay even though the Packers had the football and a 12-point lead with five minutes remaining. Wilson never faltered in his belief and it is that kind of committed desire to win that is why he is back in the Super Bowl this week.
  • One thing I will watch, with interest, at Media Day is how Marshawn Lynch deals with reporters from around the world. Lynch is heading for an expensive week if he keeps up his antics of not speaking to the media. The NFL want their players to be accessible and Lynch is clearly not that, for whatever reason.
  • Putting the Deflategate (there’s that word again) controversy to one side for a moment, Tom Brady is operating in rarified air this week as the first quarterback in NFL history to play in six Super Bowls. With a win, Brady will tie the all-time mark of four Super Bowl wins for a QB set by Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. Not bad going for a man who was a sixth round draft choice !


Stat Attack!

  • At 26 years and 64 days, Russell Wilson will become the youngest QB in NFL history to start in two Super Bowls.
  • All five Super Bowls in the Patriots’ Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era have been decided by 4 points or less.
  • Tom Brady has a career passer rating of 70.4 in the first quarter of his previous 5 Super Bowls. He has a rating of 133.2 in the second quarter, 101.3 in the third period and 70.7 in the fourth.
  • 50 players in this game have experience of playing in a Super Bowl (33 with Seattle and 17 with New England).
  • The next three Super Bowls will take place in San Francisco (50), Houston (51) and Minneapolis (52).

They said what?

“Will they be punished? Probably not. Not as long as Robert Kraft and (Roger) Goodell are still taking pictures together at their respective homes. Talk about a conflict of interest. That’s just the league we play in.” – Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman arrives in Arizona in style, talking about ‘Deflategate!’

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