Could Los Angeles finally be getting an NFL franchise?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Stan Kroenke, St Louis Rams owner and Arsenal’s largest shareholder, has announced plans to build an 80,000-seat NFL stadium in the Hollywood Park area of California, along with other retail and office spaces.

With the required signatures, building work would start later this year. Fans, not just in St Louis, but of the NFL world wide, will keep a keen eye on the progress of the development, as this might end up seeing Los Angeles gain an NFL franchise for the first time since 1994, when both the Rams and the Raiders left for St Louis and Oakland respectively.

With commissioner Roger Goodell announcing previously that no team will be relocating for the 2015 season, the earliest we could expect to see a franchise in Los Angeles would be 2016. However, the building of the stadium and adjacent sites would not be anticipated to finish until 2018.

If Kroenke’s plan is accepted, there is a high probability that the Rams will up-sticks and relocate to the new stadium in Los Angeles. With the Minnesota Vikings in the process of moving to their new stadium, it would seemingly leave only the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers as the candidates for relocation to London, should London be awarded a franchise. The Chargers work on a year-to-year contract with San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, which they have been in since 1967. Since 2007, they have reaffirmed their commitment to building a stadium capable of hosting the Super Bowl, but next year would mark the 14th year of work on that ambition.

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