Romo to travel with Cowboys

It is seemingly not a proper International Series week without an injury watch of some form or another on a star player.

Last time out it was Calvin Johnson, of the Detroit Lions, and this time it is Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo ahead of his team’s meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Sunday November 9.

Romo missed this past weekend’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals due to two fractures in his transverse process – the bone either side of the vertebrae. He now faces a race against time to be fit for the third and final regular season being played in London this year but is travelling with the team overnight on Monday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said:

“I do see him playing. He is going to be making the trip to London and logic tells you that we wouldn’t have him make that trip to London and back if we didn’t think he was going to play.

“It does depend on the week he has in practice but if he has the kind of week we expect, then he should be our quarterback.”

Romo underwent two back operations in the off-season and was kept on a pitch count of sorts during training camp this summer. That meant Brandon Weeden was well prepared when entering the most recent games against Washington and Arizona – but he didn’t play well and the Cowboys have now lost two games in a row after a 6-1 start.

Speaking to the NFL Network immediately after Sunday’s 28-17 loss to the Cardinals, Jerry Jones added: “We were very limited today and I’m surprised our offense was that limited. We had a tough time getting to our third and fourth receiving options and we were looking our receivers down pretty good.

“We still hung in there and had a chance. Brandon Weeden has done some good things out there and can do more good things in the future. I would say the Arizona Cardinals introduced him to some tough plays.”

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