Megatron continues to improve


While his status for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium remains unclear, Detroit Lions star wide receiver Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson insists he is getting healthier after missing the past two weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Speaking to me exclusively for Sky Sports and BritViewNFL, Johnson said:

“The ankle is coming along and it’s feeling better. It’s a day by day progression. It’s getting better every day. Everybody is asking me if I’m going to play on Sunday – all I can tell you is that it’s feeling better and I’m doing more and more activity on it every day. I’m taking part in practice and that’s good.”

Even though Johnson has been out injured, the Lions have won their past two games without their star receiver – defeating Minnesota and New Orleans – and that has eased Megatron’s pain at being forced to watch from the sidelines.

The perennial Pro Bowler said:

“It’s not frustrating because we’re winning. It’s just made me look forward to that comeback all the more. I’m extremely excited that we’re 5-2 – our defense is playing lights out, our offense is playing well enough and we’re winning games.”

Regardless of whether he plays on Sunday or is held out for another week, Megatron is determined to make the most of his experience in the UK.

He concluded:

“I’m looking forward to going to Wembley Stadium. I’ve enjoyed my trip thus far and that is going to be another great experience.”

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