NFL kicker Dan Bailey reveals his love for boyhood club, Aston Villa

Thinking that long-distance relationships don’t work? Think again. Dan Bailey, the NFL’s most successful kicker of all times – he has converted over 90 per cent of his kicks – recently made us all aware of his love for Aston Villa, his boyhood club. The celebrated Dallas Cowboys placekicker grew up in Oklahoma, until he was drafted by the Cowboys in 2011.

He stated: “I grew up following soccer and following specific players. A lot of those players played for Aston Villa so I just grew fond of the team and it all took hold from there.”

The Dallas Cowboys will be playing the Detroit Lions at Wembley on 9 November and Bailey is excited to experience one of European footballs’ most impressive stadiums:

“I’m really excited to be playing in London. Wembley Stadium is such a cool venue and having the opportunity to play a game in England is really going to be fun. I played soccer growing up all the way through to when I went to college and I still follow the game today. I have a real love for the sport. It will be a cool cross-over for me to play American football in a famous soccer stadium like Wembley.”

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