Jason Witten: Romo understands criticism


Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has a very close relationship with his starting quarterback, Tony Romo – both on and off the field.

Romo and Witten have been on the same page ever since they entered the NFL together in 2003 – Witten as a third round draft choice and Romo as an undrafted free agent. And the pair have become firm friends.

Speaking to me for a Sky Sports interview that will air during the regular season, perennial Pro Bowler Witten said:

“We have a really good relationship. This game is so tough and it’s a short-lived career but along the way you can develop relationships that last a lifetime and I think that’s what Tony and I have.”

Given how close Witten is to his quarterback, does he sometimes feel that Romo is harshly treated by fans and media when things don’t quite go to plan in Dallas?

“As a friend, I sometimes think it is unwarranted and undeserving criticism,” Witten admitted. “But from his stand point, I think he understands that he’s playing that quarterback position for this franchise, the aim is to win championships. And until you do so, you’re going to get some criticism.

“That is something Tony embraces and that motivates him every day – he wants to be the leader of this football team who brings back a championship.”

Witten’s Cowboys will play in London in Week 10, taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Sunday November 9. The 12-year veteran cannot wait to experience playing regular season football overseas.

And Witten expects a divided crowd in London – that’s just the way it always seems to be with the Cowboys.

“Being America’s Team, it’s a great honour to represent the NFL in the United Kingdom,” Witten concluded. “People have a love-hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys but more than anything, there is an appreciation. When you think of the Dallas Cowboys, you think of tradition and the foundation that’s been laid so many years ago.

“Our popularity is not just spread across America, but across the entire world. There has always been that one marquee franchise and that’s the Dallas Cowboys.”

You can watch the full Jason Witten interview on Sky Sports during the 2014 NFL season and read about his ambitions for the upcoming campaign in the gameday magazines sold at Wembley Stadium this autumn.

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