Mike Wallace: I want to return kicks

If Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace has his way in 2014 he will be returning kicks as well as making big plays on offense.

Speaking to me during an exclusive interview that can be seen on Sky Sports during the NFL season, Wallace – who is among the fastest players in the NFL – insists he is hoping for an expanded role in his second year with the Dolphins.

Behind the scenes: Neil's Sky News interview with Mike Wallace in Miami

Behind the scenes: Neil’s Sky Sports interview with Mike Wallace in Miami

“I might get back there for kickoff returns,” Wallace revealed. “I just want to be on the field making an impact for my team. I’ve always wanted to return kicks ever since I’ve been in the NFL.

“My coaches in Pittsburgh let me do it in the preseason but they didn’t want to chance anything during the regular season given that I was playing a lot on offense. At this point of my career, I just want to get the ball in my hands and make some plays.”

Given that the Miami Dolphins are paying Wallace $15 million (according to Rotoworld) to play wide receiver in 2014, his coaches might share the same sentiments as their counterparts in Pittsburgh.

Regardless of his involvement on special teams, Wallace expects to improve on his 2013 totals when he caught 73 passes for 930 yards and five touchdowns.

“There were a lot of missed opportunities,” Wallace admitted. “Not just for myself but for the entire team. But we’re working hard and I feel a lot more comfortable with our new offense.

“Myself and Ryan Tannehill have been working together about four days per week during the off-season, just trying to connect and get on the same page. We’ve been doing really well, connecting on some of those deep balls and things are on the up for us.”

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  1. I say let him! D Jax does Steve Smith did, etc. I was working out our 53 man roster and I was struggling to drop better players to keep a returner and he would be a natural fit!


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